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POSTED ON Sunday, 07.1.2012 / 1:11 PM ET

(Ottawa native Cody Ceci was the Senators' first-round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft held in Pittsburgh. The Ottawa 67's defenceman will provide readers with some thoughts about his first Senators development camp in a series of blog posts for

Cody Ceci and the Sens prospects will close out development camp Monday morning with a 3-on-3 tournament at the Bell Sensplex.

Even though today is our national holiday, we still had some work to do at development camp. I’m not used to working this hard on Canada Day, but it’s still part of the camp and we’re still going hard at it, so we’ve got to keep up the intensity, although it is Canada Day. But we just had the one skate today and now we’re done. They took it easy on us and we’ve got a fun night planned this evening.

Last night, we all took part in a meal preparation seminar. I’ve never really been one to cook a lot. I’ve always lived at home, although I did live away for a few years when we at a boarding school. But we had a dining hall there and meals were served to us. It's kind of wild, when you think about it, knowing that one day you’ve got to do that stuff on your own. We just met at Supper Works as a team and the people there were very available to us. It was a neat way to learn how to make healthy meals.

You definitely think differently about food when you take a closer look at what goes into it. You look at all the ingredients and you’ll see certain things have better ingredients in them, so I learned a lot about that and it’s good information to know. There’s a lot you have to think about before you go out and buy things for yourself.

Monday morning, we close out camp with a 3-on-3 tournament at the Bell Sensplex. It’s a really fun part of the camp and it’s the only thing we really have to do that day before we all say our goodbyes tomorrow. We’re going to go really hard at it. It’s not too gruelling, from what I hear, but it’ll be pretty competitive because every team wants to win. There is a trophy at skate, I’ve heard, and everyone wants their name on a trophy as part of a winning team. So I think everyone is going to go really hard to try to win it. If you're near the rink, drop in and watch!

POSTED ON Saturday, 06.30.2012 / 2:12 PM ET

(Ottawa native Cody Ceci was the Senators' first-round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft held in Pittsburgh. The Ottawa 67's defenceman will provide readers with some thoughts about his first Senators development camp in a series of blog posts for

Cody Ceci and his fellow prospects at Sens development camp got some instruction in self-defence techniques from Guy Ouellette of Elite Martial Arts and Fitness Centre in Orleans.

Yesterday, we did some self-defence training with a martial arts instructor (Guy Ouellette of Elite Martial Arts and Fitness Centre in Orleans). I’ve never really had that before, so it was definitely a lot of fun. He’s a pretty intense guy. I’d hate to have him for a full workout because we were dying in those 20 or 30 minutes he worked with us, but we had some fun with it.

I don’t fight much, but it’s always good to know how to protect yourself. If the scenario comes up in a game and you need to know how to stick up for yourself or a teammate, then you know how to defend yourself. It was more about learning how to show up for a fight and protecting yourself and just being ready.

I’ve been rooming at the hotel with Robbie Baillargeon, our fifth-round pick this year who is from Massachusetts. We’ve had a chance to talk and get to know each other a bit, but we mostly try to stay off the topic of hockey. We’ll try to talk about a bunch of other stuff. Things like where we live and how we like it. We talk about hockey enough at the rink, so we try to keep the conversation off that.

I’ve met a ton of new people this week and it’s always neat getting to know the other guys. You see them on the ice a lot, but you never really get to see what they’re like off the ice. Getting to know them off the ice is definitely a cool thing and you learn a lot about them by spending time with them off the ice.

I’ve been with Princey (67’s teammate Shane Prince) a lot on our nights off. We tend to just go around and get something to eat and stay away from the hotel. We spend enough time there as it is.

We’re getting near the end of camp and I’d say Thursday was the hardest day so far. That was a really long day, with a workout, a practice and a scrimmage at night. After that, I think things have slowed down a bit. It’s late in the week and we’re getting tired. It’s been pretty high intensity throughout the camp, but I think they realize that and they’ve cut it back lately. They’re doing a good job of that as we near the finish, so we have some energy for the 3-on-3 tournament on Monday.

POSTED ON Friday, 06.29.2012 / 2:10 PM ET

(Ottawa native Cody Ceci was the Senators' first-round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft held in Pittsburgh. The Ottawa 67's defenceman will provide readers with some thoughts about his first Senators development camp in a series of blog posts for

As a hometown boy, Cody Ceci has received lots of attention from fans this week during his first Senators development camp.

Being from Ottawa, I've had a lot of media requests to deal with during development camp. I'm not too used to that and it's a little different for me, but it's been fun. I don't mind doing the media stuff and it's been cool.

I expected it a little bit, just because I'm from Ottawa and I grew up here, and to get drafted by my hometown team is pretty big. That just directed a little more attention to it than normal. Every time I'm doing a media interview, it's a reminder that I am from Ottawa and it reminds me how lucky I am to have had this happen.

There was some attention that came my way heading into the draft. Just being from Ottawa also means I'm around here all the time, so I can easily direct my attention toward our fans with the 67's. Being from here is an advantage that way. The fans all know what's going on, so they just naturally go to me and ask what's going on.

Since draft day, I've received lots of congratulations from fans and that's nice to hear. Even when I was just with the 67's, their fan base is big and everyone is really supportive. Now the fan base gets bigger with the Senators and it's just more support. So it's good to be in Ottawa and have all of that behind me.

Last night, we met some season-seat owners after our scrimmage at the Bell Sensplex and signed some autographs. It's always cool to meet the fans and it's something we should do to support them and show our gratitude toward them. They devote a lot of time and attention to us, so it's only right that we should give it back whenever we have a chance.

Having the support of the fans and my family in my hometown has always been big for me. Just being comfortable with the fans and having pretty much the same fan base ... I'm pretty lucky that way. Just having the comfort of knowing that really helps me out. They've never put me down or anything and I always seem to be on a high.

We're about halfway through camp now and it's definitely been a long one already with really long days. But other than that, it's been really fun being around all these guys and gaining this experience. I'm trying to make the most of it and it's actually going by quickly. It's been really good for me.

POSTED ON Thursday, 06.28.2012 / 5:12 PM ET

(Ottawa native Cody Ceci was the Senators' first-round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft held in Pittsburgh. The Ottawa 67's defenceman will provide readers with some thoughts about his first Senators development camp in a series of blog posts for

As an Ottawa native, Senators defence prospect Cody Ceci has gained lots of extra attention during his first development camp with the team.

Today was definitely a long one for us at development camp. There was quite a lot of stuff to do and we've still got a scrimmage to play tonight. But it's been good. It's been a little easier than the previous days, but that'll allow us to be able to give it our all tonight.

We spent a lot of time on stickhandling drills today. I've never done a full hour of stickhandling. The guys who were instructing us were pretty crazy with their skill. They had great hands and it was pretty tough to keep up with them. They put together some tough drills and we were just trying to battle through them.

Personally, I'd say my stickhandling ability is all right, but it's not the best. I'm always trying to work on it, whether it's playing road hockey or doing stuff like this. I try to work on it as much as I can.

We also worked on power skating and that's something I've done lots of before. It's what I usually do in the summer and I try to do it as much as I can, just to keep me feet up to speed. I've actually worked with (Senators skating coach) Marc Power before, during my last couple of years with the 67's. I've done all that stuff before and I'm pretty lucky to have had him work with me on those drills.

You definitely spend a lot of time working on power skating these days, because the game is getting faster and faster and you've got to be able to keep up with everyone. It's something that I try to focus on and hopefully, it helps me out.

Being with the Senators has definitely been good for my family. My dad came out to the first camp practice on Tuesday and my sister and brother came out yesterday, so they're definitely around. They're pretty happy with it and I'm sure they'll all be at the scrimmage tonight. It's been great for them so far. They just have to drive down the highway to get to watch me, so it's pretty easy on them.

POSTED ON Wednesday, 06.27.2012 / 7:20 PM ET

(Ottawa native Cody Ceci was the Senators' first-round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft held in Pittsburgh. The Ottawa 67's defenceman will provide readers with some thoughts about his first Senators development camp in a series of blog posts for

Two days into development camp and I have to say it’s definitely been a cool experience already. Just skating with these guys has been high intensity. It’s different and it’s fun. I haven’t played at that high a level of intensity since the playoffs with the 67's. It's nice to get back to that.

Cody Ceci and Senators prospects at development camp spent their lunch hour today with season-seat owners (Ottawa Senators Hockey Club).

There is a ton of skill on the ice at this level and it’s really intense. Everyone is trying to reach the same goal, so everyone’s pushing just as hard. They’re nice guys off the ice but when we’re on the ice, everyone is competing hard against each other

Already, I’ve met a ton of guys since I’ve been here. I knew a few of the guys coming in and they’ve introduced to me to some of the guys they’ve met in the past few years. It’s all coming together and I’m getting to know a bunch of great guys

I’ve played against (Stefan) Noesen and (Matt) Puempel in the OHL, and I know (Corey) Cowick and obviously (Shane) Princey, since we’re teammates with the 67’s. A few other guys I’ve just seen around.

We were invited to a luncheon today with some high-end season-ticket holders, the people who pay a lot of money to come to our games every year. It’s cool to see that kind of support from the fans. It's the same with 67’s. We’ve got a great booster club and to see all that support means a ton to us.

It’s huge to reach out to fans this way. The more you connect, the more they want to support you. And the more support you have, the better the chance you have of winning because you get momentum from the crowd. It’s pretty big in hockey these days.

We’re usually done for the day around 5 p.m. and by then, everyone is pretty tired because we’re up at 7:30 every morning. We’re just kind of laying around by that point because nobody really has much energy left. We’ll go out for dinner but after that, it’s back to the hotel to rest up before we get to bed.

I'm definitely starting to settle in at this camp. I’ve been here for two days now and I’ve been treated like a pro for those days, which is really cool. Everyone is super nice in this organization and they welcome you in. Now it’s time to settle down and I know what I’ve got to do.

POSTED ON Tuesday, 06.26.2012 / 1:24 PM ET

(Ottawa native Cody Ceci was the Senators' first-round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft held in Pittsburgh. The Ottawa 67's defenceman will provide readers with some thoughts about his first Senators development camp in a series of blog posts for

Our family has gone to lots of Senators games over the years as fans, but walking into Scotiabank Place today as a Senator for the first time was pretty neat. I never even dreamt of something like this as a kid. Just walking in, going through the dressing room and just meeting a lot of the people that run the show ... that was pretty cool to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Senators first-round pick Cody Ceci has come a long way since Dec. 27, 2003, when he stood alongside former Ottawa centre Mike Fisher during the annual Sens Skills event at Scotiabank Place (Ottawa Senators Hockey Club).

It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I was drafted by the Senators. It just happened Friday and everything is happening so quickly. I only had one night at home and now I’m back in a hotel here in Kanata, where we're all staying for the week. I’m just trying to let things settle down before I get going at this camp

In 2003, I took part in Sens Skills as kid and I had no idea then it would ever lead to this. It was always my dream as a little kid to play in the NHL, but the odds of that happening are pretty slim. Now, it’s pretty cool that now, when I think back, that I’ll be skating on the ice with a few of those guys who are still here. It will be pretty neat to actually play with them on the same team.

I still have the jersey I wore that day. It's still hanging in my room. I just hung my draft jersey on the wall beside it on the weekend. They’re both hanging up there and to see the ’03 on one of them and the ’12 on the back of the other is pretty cool

It’s only been just recently that I realized making the NHL was a real possibility. Being drafted into the OHL (by the 67’s) was pretty big for me and I was happy with that. It’s just in the past couple of years that I saw some of my friends getting drafted into the NHL. Then when some of them started playing, that’s when I realized it could happen for me, too.

I expect to take a lot from this development camp. I’m going to learn a lot this week, so what I do with what I’ve learned will determine how prepared I’ll be when I come to the Senators main camp in September. I want to have fun at this camp, but I also want to take a lot away from it and see what they want from me this summer.

POSTED ON Wednesday, 04.18.2012 / 3:43 PM ET

I have to say the atmosphere for Monday’s game at Scotiabank Place was definitely great. In the interviews before that game, some of the guys were really reaching out to the fans to say we really wanted a good atmosphere, because we just came back from one in New York. The fans here really stepped it up and it was fun.

Colin Greening and the Sens have gained energy from the huge playoff support the team's fans have shown (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images).
I’ve been in similar environments before, but nothing to that extent — 20,000 screaming fans, all of them waving white towels in support of us. It was definitely a lot of fun and I think we fed off it. The first shift, I was out there and I felt good and had a lot of energy. That definitely helped us in that game.

It’s hard to describe the feeling when you first step out on the ice and it’s that loud. You feel a little more amped up, you’re a little more excited and a little bit happier. You almost, for a second, reflect and think ‘wow, this is a great time of the year.’ And it is the most fun time of the year. You just take all of that in for maybe half a second and then you realize you need to keep an even keel. You don’t want to get too jacked up.

Even on the streets, you can feel the playoff excitement. I see a lot more car flags out. People are always wishing me good luck, which is really nice. But you can feel it everywhere you go. There’s a little more excitement and that’s great to see. I always expected that from a Canadian city, especially Ottawa. the capital. We’re really happy that the fans are showing a lot more support now.

As far as the game, it was physical and it was intense. In the playoffs, everyone talks about how your goalie has to be your best player and both teams had their goalie be their best player on Monday night. In my opinion, I thought it was a really good playoff game and hopefully, there’s more to come and we’ll be on the winning side next time.

We definitely came out of that game with a positive attitude. You’re frustrated immediately after the game, and those games can be frustrating because you feel you deserved a bit better result. That’s tough sometimes, when you put so much work into it, you get the chances and you just can’t bury anything.

When you put that kind of work in and you don’t get rewarded for it, that can be frustrating. But we realize that’s part of hockey. It’s a part of sports and it’s a part of life. We’re happy with where we are right now and we know we can play with this team. It’s going to be hectic the rest of the series and we’re just excited that we can play for our fans one more time before we head back to New York.

POSTED ON Friday, 04.13.2012 / 9:15 PM ET

We got the playoffs started Thursday night and I can tell you it was definitely a lot louder at Madison Square Garden than when we played there in the regular season, especially in the first few minutes when the anthems were going on. So it was pretty exciting for my first game in the Stanley Cup playoffs and it was fun for all of us to feed off that. Game 1 of any series is going to be pretty exciting, especially here in New York.

Colin Greening felt the noise at Madison Square Garden during Game 1 of the playofffs against the New York Rangers (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images).
People sometimes ask if your game-day routine changes in the playoffs, but I’d say it was the same. There’s really no difference. It’s a playoff game and you realize how important it is, but you don’t want to change too much just because if you change your routine, you change who you are as a person. I just usually do the same thing for myself. I just warm up properly and do the same things.

Even though we lost Game 1, we’re still feeling really good about things. We played pretty well last night, except for a few parts of the game. We’ve just got to finish a little bit better and get some more chances but overall, we’re still feeling pretty confident. We felt like we were in the game the whole time and, when it was 4-0, I don’t think the score was indicative of the play.

On Friday, we practised at a rink called Chelsea Piers, which is right on the Hudson River in Manhattan. It’s definitely a little bit different than playing as MSG, but it’s fun to get away every now and then. When we’re there, it’s really open, there’s a lot of light coming in through the windows that are one side of the rink. It’s a smaller rink, too, but it’s fun to get away sometimes and do something different.
POSTED ON Thursday, 04.12.2012 / 2:46 PM ET

Tonight will be my first time playing in the NHL playoffs and it's pretty exciting. I’ve never had that type of experience before, but we’re all really happy and excited as a team to be back in the playoffs. We’re going to a great city like New York and playing against the Rangers. They’re a good team and it’s going to be a great challenge for us

Colin Greening and the Senators can't wait to get started against the New York Rangers in the playoffs (Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images).
A bunch of us went through a great experience last year winning the Calder Cup in Binghamton and you hope it’s going to help out now, because have no prior NHL playoff experience. So we’re basically going to go on our best past experiences, and the best experience we had was going four rounds last year in the AHL playoffs. All through our careers, we’ve realized how tough playoffs can be at any level. We’re expecting the same kind of mentality when it comes to these playoffs. It’s a lot faster and a lot harder, so we’re hoping that what we went through last year will pay dividends now

Even though we haven’t played any games yet, you can already tell there is definitely a lot more energy in the dressing room and there’s a lot more media attention. It gets guys amped up and excited for it. That’s the reason why there is a lot more energy now, because we’re all excited to get it going. We put in 82 hard games of work to earn this reward and we’re definitely going to try to enjoy it

We’re certainly happy that we made the playoffs, because a lot of people didn’t think we would be here. That in itself is an accomplishment, but you want to set more goals for yourself and you don’t want to rest on your laurels. So we’re happy about what we’ve done over the last 82 games but at the end of the day, that’s all in the past right now. We have a lot of opportunity right now to do something else, which is even greater than making the playoffs. We’re all real excited to get started in New York.
POSTED ON Thursday, 04.5.2012 / 4:09 PM ET

We’ve got our playoff berth clinched now and we’re all excited about that accomplishment. We thought it was going to happen and we had the confidence in ourselves to get to where we are right now. We’re looking forward to the opportunity that we have to play real good hockey and see what can happen. It’s a whole new season when the playoffs start, so we’re looking forward to making good on it and trying to be one of the best teams in the playoffs.

Nick Foligno and the Sens are focused on the playoffs (Getty Images).
The feeling we had in beating the Islanders on Sunday to clinch that playoff berth was just awesome. There was a lot of pride in how hard we worked. That’s the biggest thing. We were just so proud of ourselves because we’ve come a long way and come together as a group. To get into the playoffs when a lot of people didn’t think we could ... it shows a lot of character on this team and I’m really proud of the fact we were able to do it.

It was funny having my brother, Marcus, and the Buffalo Sabres as one of the teams we had to fight off in the playoff race. But I better get used to it, because we’re going to be battling against each other for a long time. I’m really happy he’s had such a good showing for the Sabres. We’re all competitive but at the end of the day, Marcus is still my brother and he’s still somebody I want to see do well. He’s done a really good job for Buffalo and I wish him all the best.

Marcus and I have talked regularly through the whole thing. He’ll call me looking for little pointers and talking about his experiences. It’s a new thing for him, so it’s neat to see him go through this. It brings me back to how I felt when I first came into the league. He’s playing with a lot of excitement and I’m really proud of him.

This week, we have two games left in our season and our attitude is, keep the foot on the gas, so to speak, and continue to play good hockey. Tuesday night was tough for us (a 2-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes). It was a really weird game with some really weird calls, and Cam Ward played really well for them in net. I think we’re still playing really well and we’ve just got to continue to work hard and find ways to win games. We want to try to make sure we’re really sharp heading into playoff time and it starts with these two games.




1 FLA 53 31 16 6 143 118 68
2 TBL 52 29 19 4 138 123 62
3 BOS 52 28 18 6 151 137 62
4 DET 53 27 18 8 133 131 62
5 MTL 54 26 24 4 143 143 56
6 OTT 54 25 23 6 153 166 56
7 BUF 53 21 26 6 120 139 48
8 TOR 51 19 23 9 117 140 47


E. Karlsson 54 11 48 9 59
B. Ryan 53 19 26 -2 45
M. Hoffman 50 23 18 5 41
M. Stone 52 16 25 -10 41
M. Zibanejad 53 11 22 -1 33
K. Turris 48 13 17 -11 30
J. Pageau 54 13 10 6 23
Z. Smith 53 11 5 7 16
C. Ceci 47 5 11 -1 16
C. Lazar 49 5 9 0 14
C. Anderson 22 17 4 .914 2.86
A. Hammond 3 5 2 .900 3.10