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Wiercioch on Twitter, 2013-14 and more

Thursday, 09.12.2013 / 3:45 PM ET
By Chris Lund - / Inside the Senate Blog
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Inside the Senate Blog

Patrick Wiercioch is poised to take a leap into the Sens top four defensive pairings this season, after signing a new three-year contract back in July. What's more, he decided to aid the Sens quest to be the most social NHL team in the league yesterday as he finally caved and joined Twitter where the vast majority of Sens players can be found.

After today's skate and scrimmage Patrick offered up his thoughts on finally getting a Twitter account, the opportunities in front of him this season and the Sens camp as a whole.

Here's what he had to say...

On getting Twitter:

I realized my fantasy football leagues and baseball leagues have taken a turn for the worse and maybe, as a GM, a little more information would help me not drafting injured players, notably. That was the key... Obviously being here in Ottawa my wife and I really enjoy the city, and I think it's a great way to interact with fans and to appreciate their support. Hopefully in the upcoming years we can get more involved with the community and it's a great way to interact.

On Turris' twitter influence:

He's been harping on me to get on Twitter for a couple of years now and I guess I caved.

On his 23rd birthday festivities:

My wife surprised me pretty good this morning. I got a signed (Mario) Lemieux jersey that's in a pretty nice case. I'm sure I'll send a picture out so everyone can see it, but that's pretty cool. I don't think you're ever too old to appreciate one of the greats and have some signed memorabilia. That'll be going up on the wall pretty quick.

On his hockey heroes:

I have a lot of hockey heroes, he (Lemieux) is probably the next in line. I already have a Bobby Orr autographed picture, a Wayne Gretzky autographed card so he'd be the next in line that I was really hoping to get so she's got a few years left because pretty much anyone that's special — in any sport, really — I wouldn't mind having something signed of theirs. I'm pretty easy to shop for.

On the scrimmage:

It was great. Obviously the first day of camp it's tough to find your timing, you rhythm. I'm sure going forward I think you'll see a lot crisper style of hockey, but I think for the first day I just really wanted to go out there, get loose and, as much as it is a training camp, you have to learn stuff too. You have to learn systems, you have to re-focus and get sharp that way. They're trying to throw a lot at you and you have to try and retain it and remember where you've got to be and, at the end of the day, just go and play.

On the competition level in this camp:

Last year was a unique camp so you can kind of throw that one out the window. It's tough, every camp everyone is fighting for the one or two spots and everyone is jockeying for position and lines and pairings so, again, you're trying to take everything to coaches are telling you while still playing your game. Whatever is going to help the team win, I think you're going to accept whatever role they assign to you so, at the end of the camp, you just hope that you stick here and get a chance to throw on that uniform.

On his opportunities this season:

I think Gonch (Sergei Gonchar) was phenomenal for my development and I think we've got another extremely talented offensive defenceman (Erik Karlsson) where it doesn't matter how old he is, you can learn a lot from him. Hopefully Karl can show me some things that make him so successful on the ice and, at the same time, I know I'm not him so I can't try and emulate my game right after him. Hopefully there's a good balance on our D core and at the end of the day we just have to get those wins.

On if he is more comfortable in this camp than years past:

I wish I could say I did, but I think training camp is tough because you're trying to take so many things you've done in the offseason, I think this year more than others, and you're trying to find that line that Karl flirts with where you can hold on to the puck one second longer and see what that feels like in a training camp, if you can get away with it in a regular season game. Definitely something I'm trying out for the camp and seeing how it changes my game. I think there's still nerves and in the first pre-season game everyone is going to be excited. I can't wait for Sunday.

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