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Coach MacLean post-game - 11.15.2013

Friday, 11.15.2013 / 11:15 PM ET
By Chris Lund - / Inside the Senate Blog
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Inside the Senate Blog
Coach MacLean post-game - 11.15.2013

The bounced back on Friday and scored four unanswered goals against the defending Eastern Conference champs to take a 4-2 win over the Bruins. Sens head coach Paul MacLean spoke to the media as per usual after the win.

Here's what he had to say...

On the difference from Tuesday:

We played. I thought we played the whole 60 minutes and we were competitive. I thought that our goaltender was very good and gave us a chance to get ourselves righted and I thought as the game started we were pretty similar as far as some of our execution, but as the game went on I think we got better and better, better and better and as it turned out they executed with the puck much better as the game went on and our best players found a way to get us some goals.

On Neil's end of the first changing momentum:

It was a big change in momentum for us to come out in the second period and anytime you score late in a period it's a big momentum swing for you if you can take advantage of it. I thought we did come out in the second period — a lot of it was 50/50 — but when you play the Boston Bruins there's a lot of 50/50 shifts in the game. I thought we did a good job of being patient with the 50/50 when we had the opportunities. We didn't force it, we didn't force anything to give them extra opportunities and we just took advantage of what we created.

On the third period performance:

I thought we were getting stronger and better as the game went along. I think there was fatigue would certainly for them in their back-to-back game but for us we continued to play. The important thing was when you play the Boston Bruins you've got to play the whole game, you've got to execute and be patient and you have to do it right all the time. I thought our centremen as a group did an outstanding job against the Boston group of centremen that arguably could be the best group in the league as far as faceoff percentage and how they play the game. Our defence rallied together and I thought had a very good game.

On the turnovers and physicality:

Well we turned it over 12 times so that is fewer which is important and again, when you play Boston it's always going to be physical so you have to be prepared to trade paint. I thought that we did that and that was also a factor in fatigue probably setting in. I can't speak for their team but I think fatigue becomes a factor when it's a physical game and I thought that was a big part of us getting the game going our way again.

On the hit on Bobby Ryan:

Well when I saw it, it certainly — to me it's reviewable by the league. Bobby left the game and didn't come back. At this point there is an injury there, whether or not how severe it is, I don't know. We won't know more until tomorrow. In the all the ones you see around the league in the first 20 games it certainly seems like that one could be reviewed as well, but that's not my job. I've got lots of other video to watch.

On Jared Cowen:

I think it's a good step for him, not just from scoring, but I thought he had a real solid game against a real difficult team and real difficult opponents. I thought both he and Eric Gryba were very competitive and very physical in the matchup they had against difficult opponents. I think that not only scoring the goal, but the way that they played the game — and I think they came out of the game on the plus side of things, they had good minutes and the whole game I think should give them a lot of confidence.

On if the Ryan hit was a penalty:

I don't have any orange armbands. All I know is that the only time it's a penalty is when the orange arm band goes up in the air. It doesn't matter what I think of it, what you think of it, what anybody thinks of it. It is not a penalty until the guy with the orange armband puts his hand up. It obviously wasn't a penalty.

On if he got an explanation on the no-call:

No, I would never get that.

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