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Greening: A Special Time With My Dad

Sunday, 19.02.2012 / 11:44 AM
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Greening: A Special Time With My Dad

Our team held its annual ‘Father’s Trip’ earlier this week and it was a great time for both me and my dad (Fred), who got to see how the mechanics of an NHL road trip work for the first time. To actually see that was a big deal for him because as a parent, he’s always asking about that sort of thing and parents are always intrigued by it. They’re always interested in your life and for them to have a mental picture now is pretty special.

Before our game against Tampa Bay on Tuesday, the coaches invited all the dads into our dressing room to see our pre-game routine. Unfortunately, my dad wasn’t there because he went to an Andrea Bocelli concert that night. It was something I’d planned to send him to three weeks before the Father’s Trip was organized. My mom’s birthday is Valentine’s Day and the concert happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, so that’s where they were that night (my mom didn’t stay for any of the games). 

My dad was a little disappointed that he missed that opportunity, but I know the other dads talked to him about how special it was. As he said, ‘I never know what the coach is saying to you guys’ or ‘I never know what the (pre-game routine) is like’ or what you’re doing at this time before the game. It’s nice now that he has a better feel for all of that.

The best part of the trip for me was getting to spend some time with my dad, which doesn’t happen much during the season. We were chatting on the flight down and we were able to talk when we all went out to golf on Sunday. That night, we went to Ocean Prime for dinner, so we were able to chat a lot then, too, and we had breakfast together the next day. The whole trip was a lot of fun and I think he really enjoyed it. Some of his old friends from back when he was going to school in Boston came down to see him the second night we were there. It was really special for him because he got to include a lot of different things on the trip.

It’s been a long time since my dad and I had that kind of experience together. It would have been when I was 13 or 14 years old and the parents still rode on the bus. It’s been a long time for him and again, when you’re not used to being around it — it’s probably been 12 years since he’s been around it — you don’t know what’s going on and he’s always curious about how things work. He was pretty impressed, but I’d say he was also a little jealous of how well we get treated.

Our team seems to win every time we have the dads with us and it’s something that’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s because you still have that child in you and you want to impress your dad. Back then, if you played a bad game, you don’t want to go back in the car because you’re going to hear the same thing ... ‘do you really want to play this game, because you weren’t trying too hard out there.’ Maybe it just takes us back to those old days, when you really want to impress your dad. Maybe that’s it.




1 x - MTL 76 47 21 8 200 169 102
2 TBL 76 46 23 7 244 198 99
3 DET 74 40 22 12 216 201 92
4 BOS 75 37 25 13 199 195 87
5 OTT 74 37 25 12 216 199 86
6 FLA 75 34 26 15 186 205 83
7 TOR 76 28 42 6 198 244 62
8 BUF 74 20 46 8 141 249 48


E. Karlsson 74 19 41 9 60
K. Turris 74 22 32 -1 54
B. Ryan 70 18 35 9 53
M. Stone 72 19 33 14 52
M. Hoffman 71 26 20 19 46
M. Zibanejad 72 19 24 2 43
M. Michalek 66 13 21 3 34
C. MacArthur 54 13 14 -10 27
D. Legwand 72 9 18 2 27
A. Chiasson 68 11 15 -4 26
A. Hammond 14 1 1 .938 1.92
C. Anderson 14 12 8 .923 2.48