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Total Ticket

What is the Total Ticket?
How can I use Total Ticket?
How can I access my complementary credit from the Senators?
How can I customize the amount allocated on my tickets?
How can I reload money on my account?
What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?
How can I track my purchases?
Additional Questions

What is the Total Ticket?
Tired of bringing cash to the games? Sending a big client to the game and don’t want them to pay for a thing? Treating a friend to a special night? The Total Ticket is a convenient way to pay for food and drink purchases without reaching for your wallet. As a season ticket holder, you can store value on your season ticket account that can be used at any Canadian Tire Centre concession stand or restaurant (excluding  Marshy’s) by simply scanning your tickets.

How can you use Total Ticket?
Simply present your ticket to an attendant at any Canadian Tire Centre concession stand or restaurant (excluding  Marshy’s). The barcode on the ticket will be scanned and given back to you. If you have loaded Total Ticket value onto your account, the value of the purchase will be debited from the Total Ticket balance stored on your account.

Total Ticket value is available for all tickets on your account including season tickets and any additional tickets that you may have purchased to your season ticket account. The remaining balance from each game will roll over to the next until your Total Ticket value has been used.

How can I access my Total Ticket credit, courtesy of the Senators?
As a full or half season ticket holder in the Lower Bowl, when you renewed your Senators Season Tickets, you automatically earned a $25.00 Total Ticket value, courtesy of the Senators. This Total Ticket value has already been applied to your account. To access this value, simply scan your ticket at any Canadian Tire Centre concession stand or restaurant (excluding Marshy’s) and start spending today!

How to reload your Total Ticket account?
There are two convenient ways to reload your Total Ticket on your account.
  • Online: You may login to your account online at My Sens Account, and purchase Total Ticket in increments of $25, $50, $100, $250 and $1000. Each of these amounts may be combined. For instance, you may add $75 ($25+$50).
Please Note: Your Total Ticket account will allow you to spend a maximum of $500 at any given game, unless otherwise specified.

Want to customize the allocation of your Total Ticket?
There are two convenient ways to customize how value is allocated on your account!  Online: You may login to your account online at My Sens Account, click on Manage Total Ticket Amounts per Game,  On this online form, you may set specific values to be available for each game. If you would like to shut off your Total Ticket balance for a game, you may do so by allocating for zero dollars to be to that particular game.

Fax: Complete the Total Ticket Allocation form using the instructions provided and fax to Total Ticket, 613-599-0238.

Please Note: Any updates to your Total Ticket account must be made in writing four (4) hours prior to game time.

Lost or Stolen tickets
Total Ticket is only active for the date that is printed on the tickets. However, if your tickets are misplaced or stolen at a game, it is essential to get your tickets reprinted immediately. This will deactivate any Total Ticket balance on your original tickets.

To reprint your tickets after you have already entered the arena, please visit any box office window. If your tickets are misplaced prior to the game, please visit the Canadian Tire Centre box office  or call customer service at (613)599-0200. Once reprinted, your Total Ticket will be reactivated on your new ticket. The lost or stolen tickets will no longer be active and therefore, the Total Ticket balance on these tickets may not be used.

How can I track my purchases?
After each purchase that is made, you will receive a receipt which will include the balance of your Total Ticket on your account.

Additional Questions?
Please contact Senators Customer Service at (613)599-0300 or email us at




1 FLA 53 31 16 6 143 118 68
2 TBL 52 29 19 4 138 123 62
3 BOS 52 28 18 6 151 137 62
4 DET 53 27 18 8 133 131 62
5 MTL 54 26 24 4 143 143 56
6 OTT 54 25 23 6 153 166 56
7 BUF 53 21 26 6 120 139 48
8 TOR 51 19 23 9 117 140 47


E. Karlsson 54 11 48 9 59
B. Ryan 53 19 26 -2 45
M. Hoffman 50 23 18 5 41
M. Stone 52 16 25 -10 41
M. Zibanejad 53 11 22 -1 33
K. Turris 48 13 17 -11 30
J. Pageau 54 13 10 6 23
Z. Smith 53 11 5 7 16
C. Ceci 47 5 11 -1 16
C. Lazar 49 5 9 0 14
C. Anderson 22 17 4 .914 2.86
A. Hammond 3 5 2 .900 3.10