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Dynamic Pricing Q & A

In an ongoing effort to provide the best ticket value for fans, the Ottawa Senators have partnered with a company called Qcue which provides live event ticket pricing capabilities. Through this partnership, the Ottawa Senators will adjust single-game ticket prices in real-time, based on ticket availability and various factors such as opposing team, rivalries, star players, day of the week and supply and demand.

In short, fans will have a broader range of pricing options and similar to the travel and entertainment industries, fans who purchase their tickets early are more likely to get the best value. Buy early and save!

Q. What is dynamic pricing?
A. The price of individual game tickets may change from day-to- day based on ticket availability and various factors such as: opposing team, rivalries, star players, day of the week and supply and demand.

Q. Which games are subject to dynamic pricing?
A. All Ottawa Senators single-game tickets will be dynamically priced for the 2013-14 season.

Q. How do you decide when to raise prices?
A. Timing for price adjustments is not pre-determined and will depend entirely on market conditions. Using a sophisticated live pricing application on the back-end allows us to analyze multiple variables and make quick decisions.

Q. Will season-seat owners and suite-owners be subject to dynamic pricing?
A. Dynamic pricing only applies to single-game tickets and extra ticket purchases. As always, being an Ottawa Senators season-seat owner guarantees that you will pay the best price for your select seat.

Q. Will 3 -and 6 -game packs be subject to dynamic pricing?
A. No, game packs will not be subject to change. Buying a game pack is a great way for fans to purchase multiple tickets at a set discounted price.

Q. Will this have an impact on promotions or affordable packages like the Metro Family 4 packs?
A. No. We will continually work with our partners to offer great ticket deals to fans, some at set package prices. You can view the latest promotions on the website.

Q: Why is the club adopting the "dynamic pricing model" now?
A. The dynamic pricing approach has been around for quite some time. Anyone who has used StubHub, booked a hotel on Priceline or bought something on eBay is familiar with the concept. It allows us to more accurately price single-game tickets (non-season tickets) and provide a variety of price options to fans. It also provides the flexibility to make pricing adjustments as demand fluctuates.

Q. Does this change how I purchase my tickets?
A. Not at all. This will give you more options by having a broad range of prices to choose from. You will continue to purchase your single-game tickets online through, at the Canadian Tire Centre box office or through our official outlets.

Q. How do I find out what the current price is?
A. Current single-game pricing will always be displayed on and

Q. How are people supposed to know when to buy a ticket if the price keeps changing?
A: Prices will start at a low level—the "floor" price—and will only increase if the market supports it. Fans will now be able to search for tickets based on the price they are willing to pay, yet still see what options exist outside of their selected price range. In short, fans will be able to make a more informed buying decision.

Q. Is it possible for prices to lower after I buy my tickets?
A. We don't anticipate this happening. Prices will start at a "floor" price and only increase based on demand and other factors. Fans who buy early will lock in the lowest price.

Q: Are there other NHL teams using this system?
A: The Washington Capitals, the St-Louis Blues and the Columbus Blue Jackets are all using it. In the NBA and MLB, several teams already use it. Dynamic pricing is expected to be the norm across all sports over the next few years.




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2 x - TBL 82 46 27 9 240 215 101
3 x - MTL 82 46 28 8 215 204 100
4 x - DET 82 39 28 15 222 230 93
5 OTT 82 37 31 14 236 265 88
6 TOR 82 38 36 8 231 256 84
7 FLA 82 29 45 8 196 268 66
8 BUF 82 21 51 10 157 248 52


E. Karlsson 82 20 54 -15 74
J. Spezza 75 23 43 -26 66
K. Turris 82 26 32 22 58
C. MacArthur 79 24 31 12 55
B. Ryan 70 23 25 7 48
A. Hemsky 75 13 30 -15 43
M. Michalek 82 17 22 -25 39
M. Zibanejad 69 16 17 -15 33
M. Methot 75 6 17 0 23
P. Wiercioch 53 4 19 -1 23
C. Anderson 25 16 8 .911 3.00
R. Lehner 12 15 6 .913 3.06